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A little about us..

The Backyard Bouquet Farm, Inc. is a family-owned business located in Armada, Michigan.  We are a specialty-cut flower farm serving the Detroit-metro area as well as Flint, Lapeer, and Ann Arbor.  Bob Koenders owns and operates the business and has done so for almost 30 years.  Bob lives on the farm with his wife Judy and their two cats, Muffin and Pumpkin.

What about Bob?


Bob Koenders is a professional agronomist who graduated from Michigan State University with a degree in agronomy.  He put his knowledge to good use when he purchased his farm in Armada almost 30 years ago.  


When it came to growing flowers, Bob was a natural.  Both his parents and grandparents loved growing flowers and always maintained beautiful, striking backyard gardens.  


As a young child, Bob liked purchasing flower seeds for little money and then selling his harvest to his neighbors at a profit--an entrepreneur at a young age.  This was a great experience for Bob and growing flowers became part of who he is today.


Bob is now the largest supplier of sunflowers in the region, and his sunflowers are second to none.  They are perfection.  


During his career, Bob has trialed over 50 sunflower varieties.  He now grows the three varieties that he considers are of the absolute best quality for his customers.


Bob and his crew plant almost 70,000 sunflower plants per season and harvest 1,500 sunflowers each and every day from the 4th of July through the beginning of September.  All else stops when it's sunflower season!






Backyard Bouquet Farm, Inc.
22161 32 Mile Road 
Armada, Michigan 48005
Phone: 1-586-784-5007 

E-Mail:  BackyardBouquetFarm@gmail.com






May 4 through October 26, 2013 find us at the

Rochester Farmers Market

8:00 am to 1:00 pm

Every Saturday